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Give now to help refugee shelters in Northeast Syria

The situation in Northeast Syria remains uncertain and dangerous. Tens of thousands of people have already fled. They are currently in great uncertainty in various refugee shelters where they need for food, sanitation and sleeping places. A PAX partner organization runs some of these refugee shelters. They need your help urgently, so please give now!

Support the work in Syria

This partner organization is responsible for running three of the approximately 50 refugee shelters in the city of al-Hassaka. They host more than 700 people here and provide food, sleeping accommodation and sanitary facilities. They can only do this thanks to donations from countries such as the Netherlands and with the support and help of local communities. The refugees in al-Hassaka cannot return to their homes, and new refugees are arriving every day.

With the agreement between Turkey and Russia for control of the area, the situation remains uncertain and dangerous. People are trying to understand what’s going on. There are many stories, conflicting messages and false information making the rounds. They worry about family members and friends, they wonder what their future will be and why the international community is not intervening. The main thing now is survival.

What happens with your gift?

We received the urgent request for additional help from our partner organization so that they can continue with the shelter of refugees in the three refugee shelters in al-Hassaka. In addition, there is a great need to set up additional refugee shelters in the villages around al-Hassaka.

With around 3,000 euros, volunteers can keep a refugee shelter operational for one month. Think of the provision of essential necessities such as food, water, blankets and shelter. Will you support them with a gift?

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