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Webinar: The War Crimes Case Against Lundin Energy

In South Sudan, thousands of people have been murdered and tens of thousands of people displaced from their land in connection with oil extraction by Lundin Energy, Petronas and OMV. Lundin Energy executives, Ian Lundin and Alex Schneiter, may be charged for aiding and abetting atrocity crimes in a few month time. In this webinar, eminent South Sudanese personalities will discuss the significance of a trial for their country and for the victims of the investigated crimes.

Monday 29 March, 15.00-16.30 hrs. CAT; 15.00-16.30 hrs CET; 9am-10.30am, EST


Webinar: The War Crimes Case Against Lundin Energy

The indictment of Lundin Energy for complicity in atrocity crimes is imminent. This webinar will dive into perspectives of victims of the crimes, impacts of the case in South Sudan and implications for global corporate liability.

The Swedish prosecutor is rounding up his investigation and all signs are that Lundin Energy’s Chairman and its former CEO will soon be charged with aiding and abetting war crimes. Because the responsibility for the management of the investigated operations was shared between consortium members, OMV and Petronas will be standing accused in absence.

The case was brought in 2010 with the report Unpaid Debt that PAX wrote for the European Coalition on Oil in Sudan. People who have been harmed claim that Lundin, Petronas, OMV and their shareholders have been wilfully blind to their rights for over 20 years.


  • Prof. Dr. Jok Madut Jok, Sudd Institute


  • Dr. Leben Nelson Moro, Juba University
  • Drs. Egbert Wesselink, PAX
  • Martha Chidong, Social Counselor
  • Rev. James Ninrew, Liech Victims Voices
  • Prof. Dr. Julia Aker Duany