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Sign up for the webinar on Peace Activism in Iraq

When? Monday September 21 from 19:30-20:30, via Zoom.

Last year, protests broke out in Iraq. The protesters demanded improved basic services, employment of the government and an end to corruption. Iraqi women also made themselves heard. Find out during this webinar how the situation now stands in Iraq and what role women have had in the protests.

The webinar will be given by PAX’er Rajin Alqallih-van der Zijde, programme leader Iraq. During the webinar the Iraqi activist Inas Jabbar will also be present to tell her story.

Sign up for the webinar on Peace Activism in Iraq!

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At the end of last year, Iraqi citizens went out on the streets in the capital Baghdad, where they protested non-violently against the current devastating living conditions in their country. Many women also took part in the protests. The government reacted violently… The protesting crowd was shot at. Water cannons, tear gas and shock grenades were used by the government. Since then, the situation has been worrisome.

The protests have spread throughout the country. Iraqi security forces and unknown armed groups have reacted violently. According to local and international news channels at least 700 people have died since the outbreak of the protests, including both demonstrators and security forces. In addition, arbitrary arrests and disappearances have been reported since the beginning of the protests, mainly of journalists, reporters and activists who criticized the government’s policy. PAX condemns the violent and extreme measures taken by security forces against the peaceful demonstrators.

How’s Iraq doing now, ten months after the outbreak of protests? PAX’er Rajin Alqallih-van der Zijde and Iraqi activist Inas Jabbar will tell us more about this during the online webinar and will go deeper into the unique role women have played in these protests.


About the speakers

Inas Jabbar is an Iraqi activist. Although she studied chemical engineering, she has been dedicating her time to social development work in Iraq for the past couple of years. Inas has been active in the Baghdad protests since October 2019. She supported the sit-in tents and amplified the protestor´s demands. Inas truly believes in the role of women in bringing about change.

Rajin Alqallih-van der Zijde is the Programme Lead for Iraq at PAX and works on various projects in Iraq, Lebanon, and Palestine. She studied economics at the University of Damascus and did her master’s degree ‘Human rights, Conflict and Gender’ at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam. Before joining PAX, Rajin worked for the UNHCR in Syria, Sudan and the Netherlands for eight years.